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Easy Panel Construction Co Ltd (Easy Panel) is a privately owned company, in Thailand, established to manufacture, market, license and further develop affordable, energy efficient, low cost and environmentally friendly housing solutions for the 21 century.

Easy Panel is currently working with governments, developers, distributors and joint-venture partners to expand its distribution globally and meet the ever increasing demand for EPC Sandwich Panel within the construction technology.


Sandwich Panel construction systems were originally developed and patented in the United States some 50 years ago to meet the need for affordable housing and over the years the product has evolved into a widely accepted, tried and tested method of building offering numerous advantages above and beyond traditional building techniques.

The EPC Sandwich Panel system is unique in providing a fast, economical and easy construction system for housing, factories, walls and many other applications, and can be used in any part of the structure, load bearing and/or non-load bearing, including walls, floors, stairs and roofs.

The strength of the 3D system is enormous and is partially attributed to the truss wires which are welded to connect each side of the mesh to make the panel. The polystyrene insulation in the middle of the panel is suspended on the truss wires and becomes a continuous thermal and acoustic break when the panels are connected and the concrete is applied to each side.

The monolithic structure enables it to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons. Many 3D buildings throughout the world have endured hurricanes with no water penetration or damage, earthquakes with no cracking, and at the same time provided a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for residents.

Some of the Principle advantages of the Easy Panel construction system include:-

  • High insulation factors, both sound and thermal, resulting in both energy and cost savings.
  • Light in weight and easily erected using unskilled labour.
  • Design flexibility and ease of alteration during construction.
  • Strength, the constructions can withstand 7-8 Richter Scale earthquakes.
  • Economical, considerable cost savings when compared to traditional building techniques.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Pest and termite resistant.
  • Speed of construction, up to 40% faster than traditional techniques.
  • Positive impact of speed of construction on cash flow.


The Easy Panel production plant and machinery is considered to be one of the best in terms of flexibility, durability, speed of production, reliability and price-point. The basic system produces panels of 1.2 x 3 metres (3.6 sq. m) at a rate of 200 panels per eight hour shift and allows not only for variations in the dimensions of the panel but also for the gauge of pre-tensile steel, ensuring maximum cost efficiency.


Easy Panel continue their international expansion working together through local in territory partners and supplying and installing their Plant sourced from their partners in China, through a Franchise arrangement. The local partner would be responsible for providing suitable factory premises of 2,000 sq m and power supply of 400kva together with all trunking and cabling to hook up the plant.

Easy Panel will provide:

  • engineers to install the plant, once received on site, and train the operators on how to operate and maintain the plant
  • full spares package
  • based upon experience assist with marketing and refer all in country referrals to the local partner

The business is likely to engage up to 20 or more staff full time and part time.


Not only have climate change and the consequential natural disasters in recent years created a vast market for low cost housing, but governments across the globe, and in particular the 3rd world and under¬developed nations, are finally waking up to the fact that they have a responsibility to provide housing and shelter for those who cannot help themselves. Budgets in today's financial climate are more critical than ever before, and where nature has struck at its harshest, timing and speed of construction becomes crucial. Easy Panel technology can and will be the answer.

Easy Panel are confident their technology is the future of construction. Extensive testing throughout the world has established that it is better; we know that there are considerable cost savings, and we know that the build speed is faster. Our production machinery ranks amongst the best in terms of reliability, technology, efficiency and affordability, and our unique licensing/partnership agreement, “Franchise Arrangement”, with full corporate support and backing offers the opportunity for unprecedented expansion.

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